Panasonic TX32LZD80 and HDTV

The 32" LCD market is probably the most competitive area in the marketplace. Most people want the largest TV they can have but in reality unless you have a large viewing space - you're not going to be able to benefit from the larger LCD Screens. Although we all have seen people who sit a few feet away from their massive 50" Plasma screen ! As a rule of thumb you should not be sitting nearer than 2 metres to a standard definition broadcast - a little nearer for HD on a 32" LCD TV
The Panasonic TX32LZD80 is from the new range of Panasonic screens. This version is one of the Full HD screens which has 1080 lines to display the picture (unlike the HD Ready sets which usually have either 720 or 768 lines) However the extra resolution doesn't always guarantee a better picture or viewing experience - some of the most truly abysmal pictures have been generated from 1080 lines on Full HD LCD screens.

Fortunately the Panasonic TX32LZD80 does deliver - both maintaining the high standard from the Digital processing software that Panasonic has been perfecting and also improving on it's HD ready sets.

Remember to get the proper benefit from HD material and the increased definition then you are going to need to provide a proper HD input - from something like a HD broadcast, Bluray or PS3/Xbox 360 console. If you don't intend to utilise these sources frankly you're probably better saving some cash and buying a cheaper TV until you do need these. You can probably buy a cheaper but quality HD-ready TV for about £200 cheaper at the time of writing.

HD is the future though and it's adoption is increasing at a rapid rate with dedicated channels on Sky and the BBC. The prices of BluRay players have fallen and to see a Bluray film on one of these sets is quite breathtaking.

The Panasonic TX32LZD80 is a wonderful TV - feed it HD source through a HDMI input and it will amaze you - the blacks are deep, colors have real depth and smooth motion in even action films. It has 3 HDMI inputs plus 2 scarts and S Video, PC(VGA) and composite inputs.

Sound is not too bad - probably slightly above average for a LCD TV but for a better built in sound experience either look at the Panasonic TX-32LZD85 or get an external Home theatre system.

The Panasonic TX32LZD80 is a wonderful LCD TV - probably one of the best in the market at the moment. If you're into or are looking at HDTV stuff - you won't go wrong with this TV - if you're staying with Standard Definition for the foreseeable probably worth buying a cheaper set that displays SD stuff just as well.

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